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September 26, 2014 FIFA15 will be on the line, For many FIFA players, This is an exciting thing. FIFA14 exactly one year's time to tell us, FIFA14 is hot sale, popular with most players prefer. And fifa15 scheduled Sept. 26 on-line, Is indeed good news. As we all know, July 12 end of 2014 World Cup in Brazil, The majority of the world still in dismay in the World Cup. FIFA15 on the line, This is undoubtedly the World Cup fans who filled the emptiness of the soul, They can continue to play, Continue their game, Even if this is in the game, Experienced players can do.

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The screenshot of FIFA 15 Ulitmate Team

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FIFA 15 Great Features Detail Analysis

The FIFA 15 development team created the Next Generation football player – ensuring players appear true to their physical form. An all-new physically-based rendering lighting system changes the way players look, ensuring users are able to see a level of detail in players’ faces which hasn’t been possible before. New body rigging and character models make players feel powerful and athletic, while kits move realistically and react with the environment becoming dirty with mud and grass as the match unfolds.


Pitches will never be the same. Slide tackles and boot marks are now visible on the pitch, and as the match progresses, the playing surface becomes increasingly weathered just as it would in a real football match. Fans playing in rain or wet weather will notice mud and debris on the pitch. Corner flag physics, goal frames that shake, and animated LED ad boards are just some of the new details that bring FIFA 15 to life.

FIFA 15 adds an all new level of responsiveness and control. Run Touch Dribbling allows players to better keep the ball under control in a sprint and in close-touch situations, giving personality to the most recognized players in the world. Leo Messi will dribble and move like he does in real life. Updated player biomechanics means that players will now react and move with balance and closer control when in possession of the ball. More precise steps and turns at low speed, and closer control at high speeds give fans more control and increased mobility when commanding players on the pitch.

Dispossessing your opponent in FIFA 15 is more rewarding and physical than ever before. Players use Full-Body Defending to win possession and keep it. Possession Tackles will reward great defending, helping players keep the ball close to their feet when a challenge is won. New shoulder barges, push/pull mechanics, and big fall physics allow fans to feel the battle; shirt pulling is also visible thanks to new character visuals and improved cloth technology.

Physically Correct Contacts revolutionizes the way the football interacts with the players and their environment. Every dribble, touch, pass, shot, and deflection moves corresponding to the spin of the ball in relation to the position of the body part or object that it connects with – this gives the football accurate spin, curl, and movement, as well as varied trajectories. The movement of the ball in FIFA 15 changes the game

FIFA 15 fans now have more freedom in attack with the ability to take control of teammates during throw-ins, corners, and free kicks. Using the right stick, FIFA fans can now control teammates off the ball to put them in the optimal spot to receive a pass during dead ball situations.
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Rules & Regulations For FIFA15

The Federation Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA for short, is one of the largest soccer leagues in the world. The league was founded in 1904 and is currently comprised of more than 208 member football clubs. FIFA rules and regulations are commonly known as the "Laws of the Game."


The Field
According to FIFA rules and regulations, the soccer field must be green, rectangular, and between 90 to 120 meters long; it must be between 45 to 90 meters wide and marked with the proper boundary lines. It must also have two goals, each 7.32 meters wide and 2.44 meters tall with one placed at either end of the playing area.

The Ball
The soccer ball used for a FIFA match must be spherical and made of leather or an approved similar material. It must also have a circumference of 68 to 70 centimeters and weight between 410 to 450 grams. If the ball bursts during the course of a match, play is stopped, and the referee must introduce a new one.

The Players
Each team may have no more than 11 players (the goalkeeper and 10 others), and it may have no fewer than seven. Up to three substitutions may be made during the course of an official competition, and the players who will serve as the subs must be designated before the start of the game. Participating players must be wearing legal uniforms, including protective shin guards.

Length of the Match
Except on rare occasions, regulations call for a 90-minute match, evenly divided into two 45-minute halves. Like in most sports, there is a halftime break that lasts no longer than 15 minutes, and extra time may be added to make up for substitutions and injuries.

Coin Toss, Kickoff and Switching Sides
According to FIFA rules and regulations, each match starts with a coin toss. The team that wins the toss chooses which goal to attack, while the other will take the start with the ball. In the second half, the team that won the coin toss will have the ball, and the two clubs will switch sides.

Anytime a ball goes over one team's goal line, whether it goes fully into the net, it counts as a goal for the opposing team. The team that scores the most goals wins. If both teams wind up scoring the same number of goals--even if that number is zero--then the result of the match is a draw.

More on FIFA Rules & Regulations
Obviously, we've only been able to touch on the very basics here. If you are interested in learning more about FIFA rules and regulations, U can visit the official Website.
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How to Get Chants in FIFA Ulitimate Team

The soccer game "Fifa Ulitimate Team" has depictions of real players, but none of the real chants fans might use at a game. Those chants can be added so players can personalize their gaming experience. The additions can cover an entire team or a single player. The chant process involves sourcing a suitable sound file using your desktop computer. The sound file must be uploaded to the PlayStation 3 or Xbox, and then installed into your game.


1)Go to a football chanting site (see Resources) and download a chant sound file to the desktop of your computer.
2)Plug in a USB memory stick and transfer the sound file from your computer to the USB memory stick.
3)Remove the USB stick once the sound file has been transferred and plug the stick into the PS3.
4)Turn on the console and go to the "Music" menu on the left
5)Press the "Triangle" button when the USB stick is shown onscreen. Press on the sound file and transfer it to the console.
6)Choose "My Fifa " in the game menu followed by "My Music & Chants" and "Custom Music & Chants."
7)Assign a chant to "Favorite Team" for a team chant, or "Virtual Pro" for an individual. Use "Clubs And Leagues" to assign a chant to every team in the game.

1)Go a football chanting site and download a sound file of a chant to your PC's desktop.
2)Copy and burn the sound file on to an audio CD using your computer's pre-installed software.
3)Insert the CD in the Xbox.
4)Click the "My Xbox" channel and click on "Music Library." Click on "Current Disk" and choose "Rip CD."
5)Press the "A" button on the joy pad twice to confirm the operations, then press "Save Changes." Follow the same instructions from Section 1 to install the chants.
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FIFA 15 brings out the emotional for the soccer match

EA Sports' FIFA series has done so much right over the past five years that when you see something it has left out, and even left unaddressed for several years, the absence really does stare you in the face. So at long last, FIFA 15 is proud to announce that the corner flags will now move if they’re touched by the ball.

fifa 15-emotional

FIFA 15 may not look a lot different on first blush, but that’s not the goal. It’s supposed to feel different. After refining down the animations and behaviors and actions of players in the beautiful game, FIFA 15 will now try to replicate their emotions — giving all 22 players on the pitch a dynamic attitude that reflects both the broader and the more immediate contexts of the match.

McHardy and his team are calling it emotional intelligence, and it’s meant to complement the upgrades FIFA 14 made to the crowd’s emotion and response to the action. It’s important to soccer because many times the most important play isn’t a goal, but rather a missed opportunity, or a brilliant save, or a mistake that leaves a side utterly agonized over what was lost in the moment.

With emotional intelligence, players on the pitch will develop an attitude (really) through plays that involve them — getting jostled or fouled, for example, is going to get a player frustrated or angry the more it continues or the later it happens in the game. Then, for events that all players participate in or respond to, where the needle is on his emotional barometer will inform his reaction.

A good example is when in the game a missed shot occurs. If a good chance goes over the goal but it’s early, his teammates are more likely to respond with visible encouragement. If the same player has blown two opportunities and misses a third, their response turns to hands-on-hips exasperation.
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